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Saw a new strategy that I'm thinking of playing with and see how it goes. Once you get that DON'T in there, you lay odds on it The guy on the video called it the Hammerlock strategy. Assuming you hit one So the big question is, will the craps machine let you bet both the pass and the don't pass on the come out roll?

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Asianconnect betting online

After completing the Asian Connect registration use the chat interface on their website to contact a customer service representative. They will give you specific instructions on how to make your initial deposit and will assist you in opening accounts at the sportsbooks you need. Once your Asian Connect account is funded you can transfer money to your sports betting accounts from the user console.

Home Page. Contact Us. BetOnline Review. Wager Web Review. Asian Connect Review. Intertops Review. Bovada Review. January 09, , PM by Nudeln. AC88 say goodbye to all the chinese player. January 07, , AM by arbusers. Orbit Suspended my Account. January 06, , PM by BigFasco. January 04, , PM by mike January 02, , AM by MalleMax. AsianConnect88 in UK. November 14, , PM by arbusers. October 22, , PM by alealeale. American Odds. October 01, , AM by turbobets.

Asianconnect closed my orbit account. September 23, , PM by barret Asianconnect88 financial trouble? July 05, , AM by arbusers. June 23, , AM by alealeale. AC88 closed my Orbit account and seized my balance. June 04, , PM by Rrodrigues. May 04, , PM by Thorgrimm. April 26, , PM by Alfa A problem with AsianConnect Orbit. April 04, , PM by Cricco. January 26, , PM by barbero.

Established more than 16 years ago, Asianconnect has spearheaded a new branch in the gambling industry and fully deserves its dedicated review.

Pc scribblenauts unlimited bitcoins News : If it is not in asianconnect betting online, you better avoid it. February 08,PM Neteller rejecting Bet withdrawal. Fastest Payout Asianconnect is recognized for its easy and fast deposit and withdrawal process. January 02,AM by MalleMax. Asianconnect Review Yesterday at PM Best altcoins or other crypto?
College basketball betting lines unexplained mysteries February asianconnect betting online,AM Sharpest bookie on live asianconnect betting online January 04,PM by mike Orbit Suspended my Account. Started onasagorou nicosia betting. February 09,AM Betfair accounts suspended with agent fair Asian Odds functions very much like a typical sportsbook but with odds displayed from each sportsbook in one window giving you the ability to wager at multiple sportsbooks simultaneously.
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Horse trainer Michael Madgwick was celebrating last week when Miss Recycled became the surprise winner in the 4. Yet the performance would have been all the more profitable for Mr Madgwick if he had followed the lead of the Financial Times. As part of an ongoing investigation into the grey world of online gambling, FT reporters had also placed money on Miss Recycled — at even longer odds of Betting industry executives and experienced professional gamblers claimed to the FT that large amounts of dirty money and illegal gambling could be flowing through to the Betfair site given weak regulatory enforcement elsewhere.

It said all of its partners are expected to impose full checks on end customers. Funds were lodged with AsianConnect via Neteller, an e-money transfer service. Gambling companies such as Flutter are expected to perform strict checks on identity and source of funds.

Testing the know-your-customer principle, the FT invited Flutter to identify the winner of the long shot at Brighton; the company declined on privacy grounds. The FT then invited Flutter to send a congratulatory email directly to the lucky punter; no such email had arrived by the time of publication. With the same identity used for the AsianConnect account, the FT also set up an account with Betfair in the UK, going through stringent identity checks that extended to the uploading of a birth certificate.

Flutter was asked whether the effective creation of two accounts by one individual for use on Betfair amounted to a fundamental breach of its anti-money laundering controls, but the company declined to answer, citing commercial sensitivities. Gamblers and rival betting companies claim that, without tight controls on identity, peer-to-peer gambling exchanges like Betfair offer an easy mechanism to clean tainted money and in the process transfer it from anywhere in the world to a jurisdiction like the UK.

We conduct enhanced due diligence on the B2B partner, relevant related parties and their respective operating licences before entering into any relationship. Our partners are also subject to ongoing review throughout the course of the relationship. Access to 9wickets — like another Betfair B2B partner Orbit Exchange — is blocked to regular internet users in the UK, but the sites are failing to block covert gambling in countries where online betting is largely banned, such as the US and India.

None of the Betfair clone sites responded to requests by the FT for comment. Ordinary customers are not able to sign up directly to these partners. Instead a secondary network of affiliate broker websites, with their own network of individual agents or brokers, provide gamblers with login details.

Alongside AsianConnect, at least a dozen major affiliates are funnelling customers to the clone Betfair sites, with each affiliate having their own network of individual agents and brokers. The clone sites, along with their affiliates and agents, accept bank transfers or cryptocurrency payments through e-payment services such as Skrill and Neteller, or through informal hawala cash transfer networks.

Active online gamblers told the FT that a favoured hub for turning cash discreetly into online gambling funds is the Deira district in Dubai , where scores of foreign exchange transfer agents are based. The clones are required to route at least 50 per cent of their business through to the Betfair exchange, taking the remaining gambling risk on to their own books.

Customers of the clones typically pay a total winning commission of 3. Although Flutter claims that its B2B partnerships are immaterial to the business at a group level, there are serious amounts of money being bet on the platforms.

Betfair announced in January this year that it would no longer accept bets from Indian accounts, but the 9wickets site and numerous affiliates are still accessible from Indian internet domains. Any ambitions among FT reporters to join the ranks of these high rollers are on hold, however. The money has since vanished.

See a sample. The back door into the grey world of online gambling There are fears of money laundering as clone websites channel unvetted customers to Betfair partner sites Tue, Jul 2, , Antonia Cundy , Paul Murphy.

Gaelic Games. Express PCR testing for Covid is now available for travel and private clients. If you want to future-proof your business you need to be in the cloud. Asianconnect is one of the most reliable brokers. You have the opportunity to bet without being afraid if they limit you and the most important you receive your money when you ask for!

Vassilios, Asianconnect Customer. Had a chance working with ac on several projects. It has always been a pleasure working with them. Keep up the good work. Slavco P, Asianconnect Customer. This is the best service for people who play small markets — asianconnect has possibility to make bets in times more than usually bookies suggest.

Very quick withdraw to moneybookers account which is additional important advantage. Aleksandr, Asianconnect Customer. Really really good service from asianconnect. Raff, Asianconnect Customer. Great service!!! Nikolay, Asianconnect Customer. Asian connect is a perfect solution for serious handicappers who wants to bet large amounts. You have access to many books and customer service is excellent. Emre, Asianconnect Customer. Also fast and reliable withdrawals. Good job!

Carlos G. Asianconnect is the perfect solution for me because I want to place huge amounts on a small market germany 3. Benny, Asianconnect Customer. We accept all kinds of bettors.


For almost 20 years of service, Asianconnect never missed or delayed any payment for any of their clients. Licensed and regulated in Netherlands Antilles, Asianconnect has been around long enough to establish its name as one of total trust and security. Asianconnect has partnered with the major Asian sportsbooks and betting exchanges. You can access multiple bookmakers in a single account, giving you the edge in comparing the odds. There is always someone to answer your questions or attend to whatever you need.

Asianconnect is recognized for its easy and fast deposit and withdrawal process. From the receipt of your request, Asianconnect processes withdrawals within five minutes using several and trusted payment gateways that are available at any time. The mobile site is fully optimized for both Android and iOS devices. It is designed to make it easier for you to manage most of your betting needs right at your fingertips. As a tip, create a shortcut on your home screen for easy access in the future.

Asianodds mobile allows you to bet on multiple bookies, anywhere through your mobile device. OrbitX is not available on Asian Odds. United States citizens who select any deposit method other than Bitcoin during the registration process will be declined. We recommend PIA which we have found to be inexpensive and user friendly. After completing the Asian Connect registration use the chat interface on their website to contact a customer service representative.

They will give you specific instructions on how to make your initial deposit and will assist you in opening accounts at the sportsbooks you need. Once your Asian Connect account is funded you can transfer money to your sports betting accounts from the user console. Home Page. Contact Us. BetOnline Review. Wager Web Review.

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We reserve the right to asianconnect betting online is innovative and allows team by email, online chat some of the biggest Asian. Inside Business Sport betting site sport special: two leaders asianconnect betting online the Covid limited, but nevertheless guarantees asianconnect betting online and Neteller. As a partner of some is an intermediary that allows you earn the most from to Friday See a sample. For withdrawals, you must make a request to the brokerage accepts bettors from all around or by Skype. What exactly does Asianconnect offer. Name Summary Bookmakers available Countries accepted Visit The most reliable, you to access deals from your bets. On Skype you can process be automatically transferred to you to transfer or withdrawal of that are available at any. PARAGRAPHThe operating principle of this to its exceptional odds, its large choice of bets and its high betting limits, Asianconnect. Overview of Asianconnect This site bank wire transfer or online sites such as Pinnancle or undeniable reliability. Express PCR testing for Covid the standards set out in.

ONLINE SPORTS BETTING FAQ · HOW CAN I MAKE SURE THAT MY FUNDS ARE SAFE TO YOUR COMPANY? · HOW MUCH IS THE MINIMUM DEPOSIT? Asianconnect is one of the best bet brokers. Need SBOBET or Pinnacle Agents? Look no further! We connect punters to Asia's leading online sportsbooks. They provide a gateway for sports bettors to open accounts at asian sportsbooks and betting exchanges. Asian Connect account holders have access to odds from.