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Saw a new strategy that I'm thinking of playing with and see how it goes. Once you get that DON'T in there, you lay odds on it The guy on the video called it the Hammerlock strategy. Assuming you hit one So the big question is, will the craps machine let you bet both the pass and the don't pass on the come out roll?

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Betting short film teaser

He drinks too much coffee in Los Angeles. SYNOPSIS: Five years after the whole world suddenly became telepathic, Sophie has perfected a protective cocoon of technology to keep her apart from the awful, exposed thoughts of the rest of humanity. Womack II is a director based in Los Angeles. As a storyteller his primary interests are rooted in character driven pieces with dynamic stories. Drama, action, and the occasionally dark comedy are his forte. He leans heavily on character dialog and striking visuals, woven together with a unique editorial style.

Combining a classical directing style with a contemporary approach to film, R. Womack II is continually working to strike the perfect balance of art and entertainment. The short film, based on emotional abuse went on to have a successful festival run and ultimately won a Warner Brothers Short Film competition.

His self-control is put to the test during a confrontation that ends in a surreal mirror maze. They co-wrote and co-directed Lily in the Maze. Alexandra is an artist and stylist, with many years of experience working in costume design in film and TV production. Andrew is a photographer who has been working as a camera assistant in film production for nearly 10 years.

Together they make a great creative team, interested in telling stories about the strange and unusual things among us. At 16, he bought his first electronic synthesiser and shortly after a video camera. He observed and recorded the ways in which people use work, relationships and, in particular, technology to distract and subdue themselves from existential dread.

Since its foundation, Tom and his team have created more than 50 short films ranging from minidocs to drama shorts, featuring actors such as David Gyasi. Pursuing his love of existential filmmaking, Tom hopes to create features which explore loneliness, suffering and our pull towards the divine.

Creating unapologetic work that features often underrepresented voices has been his creative endeavor, regardless of medium. AJ loves meeting people of all kinds, so please do feel free to reach out him if inclined! SYNOPSIS: Taking refuge in an abandoned cargo truck during the Zombie Apocalypse, a dysfunctional couple and their dog find their lives on the line when they make a deadly bet over how the undead virus spreads.

Is a simple love bite now a death sentence? And how far will someone go to be proven right? He is also actively pursuing film and TV directing assignments as well as developing a show based on his short film and other multicultural ideas.

Dan works as a freelance camera assistant and spends his free time creating his own films and comic projects. When Ben 22 finds a Melania Trump mask in front of his door, things start to go terribly wrong. In return, the bettor will receive less money than the one risked in the bet. The second type of teaser, known as a "Vegas Teaser", or simply a "Teaser", is more of a combination between a parlay and the first teaser explained. In this case, the bettor will receive fewer points to adjust the spread of the selections chosen, but the more teams chosen in the wager from two to 15 in some cases , the higher the payout will be.

Teaser is the fifth album by Angela Bofill, released by Arista Records in The album cover was credited to Mick Rock. It reached a peak position of number 45, and remained on the chart for 4 weeks. Bill down the narrow aisle toward one of three enclosed editing booths, normally used for assembling special projects, teasers , promos, and commercial spots.

This fineboned, exquisitely polite, utterly civilized and hyperintelligent couple seem to have emerged from some cleaner and finer parallel universe, where humanity exists to do the Brain Teasers column in Scientific American.

In the distance, Chainer heard his match being announced, the usual build-up of the fighters and the standard teasers about blood and danger to whip up the crowd. Cold winter melon soup, gosling salad with raspberry vinegar, a nice sweetbread and truffles teaser , pike and crayfish quenelles, blackened chicken with ze leetle tiny pink peppercorns, the always chi-chi pasta pesto, of course, and to top it off, lightly baked goat cheese and a daring cucumber-pineapple sorbet.

If they had wanted to leave an upsetting teaser in the safe-deposit box, they would have left a photo of the warehouse that he had robbed in New Jersey. Toggle nav Word finder Word definitions teaser. Find the word definition Enter the word Find. One who teases or vexes. A jager gull. Related phrases: Fire teaser.


Word of mouth continues to be one of the best forms of marketing. If they have a decent following or are well-known in their industries, this could generate some serious traction for your film. You can ask local businesses to allow you to leave promotional materials for their customers to view, hang flyers in high-traffic areas, or hand them out to people walking by.

From the Sundance Film Festival to the Cannes Film Festival there are always festivals going on from spring through the fall where you could promote your short film. You can submit your short film to have it considered for screening in front of a live audience. You could have pop up canopies for your business and set up a table filled with flyers, postcards, and stickers, posters, as well as customized t-shirts and hats to give away. You could also have a screen set up with your trailer playing in the background.

Answer questions, take pictures with fans, and even mingle and network with other artists and creative teams. The film industry is saturated with talented individuals. Using both online and offline marketing strategies such as those discussed above will get you in front of the right audiences to get your film and your talents the recognition it deserves. Check your inbox or spam folder to confirm your subscription. AMP Training. Facebook Twitter Reddit. You may also like.

Winners Announced. January 14, For Ben Ignacyo Matinya , a physics grad student who finds himself being interrogated by a Detective Lucio Fernandez , it may be hard to explain. International Sci Fi Short: Director Haonan Wang - This is an urban tale of love and sacrifice set in a mysterious restaurant hidden in an alleyway. Drama Short: Director Rebecca Ruhm - Arriving home from the mental hospital, still broken from being raped by an ex, Robby begins a wild healing journey with her therapist to reconnect with herself, her parents and current boyfriend.

BOXES Student Short: Director Faith Elizabeth Fleming - Boxes is a short visual poem that explores the hardships of dealing with anxiety. The narrative is delivered through the lens of a young adult female feeling trapped yet comforted by her apartment. This juxtaposition is designed to be relatable yet vague; being trapped in a box can look different for everybody.

Short Drama: Director Andres Irias - Perception tells a story on immigration from two points of view- Daniela, a Honduran mother who is pressured to migrate from Honduras with her young daughter; and Alan, an American teen, son to a family who teaches him to view and treat immigrants as less. Short Drama: Director Anthony Grasso - Inspired by real people and recent political events, an expat Russian hacker, wanted for extradition back to Russia, finds himself trapped in a triangle.

An attractive Ukrainian Counsellor and a powerful US Senator both require his services to reach their political goals. Drama Short: Director Tamara Hansen - A woman haunted by her past struggles to live a normal life after the death of her daughter. Comedy Short: Director Alex Lobera - Evelyn and Ace are an unmarried, elderly couple that have been together for over 25 years.

The story begins at a bridal shop when Evelyn and Ace are there with their granddaughter, Isabelle. While there, Ace brings up that idea of him and Evelyn getting married. Evelyn makes it very clear that she doesn't want to do this. Ace agrees to leave it alone and to stop asking. Drama Short: Director Debra Markowitz : A mother confronts her son, a down-on-his-luck stunt man with a broken marriage, to help him move forward with his life. Un ritratto sensibile del viaggio emotivo di una giovane vedova quando si rende conto che il destinatario del cuore di suo marito custodisce il segreto della sua nuova vita.

To protect themselves from attacks, hundreds of men, women and children are forced to take refuge in the underground tunnels of a small town, remaining confined to the bowels of the earth. As of December Filmed in Fagnano Alto over the course of a year and a half. Int'l Documentary: Director Roshi Givechi - Family Trees is a bittersweet tale about a man from Iran who took unconventional measures to stitch his family back together in Kansas It's a short documentary that spotlights the ways love, duty, and inexplicable hope make us uniquely human, and beautifully resilient.

BOOM Int'l Documentary: Director Andrew Wall - The death of a child is an unimaginable tragedy but sometimes good and constructive things can follow. Documentary: Director Thomas Phillips - Sometimes the living must help the dead.

They rest above copiers, on shelves, in lockers, and even in utility closets, unnamed and forgotten. Men, Women, Children and War Veterans. How is it that we know nothing about thousands of unclaimed remains? HANN After a frustrating attempt to find a job, she happens upon a box of abandoned artwork; several sketchbooks filled with strikingly beautiful art. Immediately taken by the drawings, Adrienne impulsively embarks on a journey to find the artist responsible for these mysterious sketchbooks.

EASY A teenager opens the door and spots a cardboard box on the floor. Looks around - nobody. Hesitant, he grabs the box and opens it. Inside he discovers a big red button. He presses it. An Instagram notification pops on screen: "You have new followers. Though, its a much different than the heaven you'd expect, things can get very strange. International Animation Short Short: Directer Xin Li - Walking in a snowy forest, a peasant sees an unusual deer and goes to follow it. The deer allures him and the peasant even wants to catch it.

Despite their differences, they both decide to share the rental until the unexpected happens. Smartphone Short Short: Director Anthony Bradford - A man with social anxiety must summon the nerve to make a phone call. But will this be so quick and easy a deal? Short Comedy Director Rhonda G. Robinson Girl meets boy. Or does she? BOB Short Short Comedy: Directer Anatoly Ivanov - He engages in playing card fraud while hiding from the stalkers and developing a new scam.

His girlfriend interrupts him of this process, and he must decide what is more important to him. Their brains have died FURCA Comedy Short: Director Jonathan Kehoe - After another morning of mundane interactions with her boyfriend, a woman reaches her breaking point and throws a fork across the room.

In their pursuit for fame, they find themselves in the middle of a mafia conspiracy while trying to remake one of the greatest disco movies ever made.

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