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Saw a new strategy that I'm thinking of playing with and see how it goes. Once you get that DON'T in there, you lay odds on it The guy on the video called it the Hammerlock strategy. Assuming you hit one So the big question is, will the craps machine let you bet both the pass and the don't pass on the come out roll?

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Divnick golf uk betting

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Thank you in advance, your servant I'm a christian man. A prayer for me would be greatly appreciated. Thank You! Pray for the Beeney family. PrayerRequest: PraiseReport: Email: investfuture4u yahoo. I am seeing where this is getting extremely enjoyable out there by myself not worrying about the score and enjoying the view and exercise.

Just got in from the 7 club round and I will absolutely have to make some changes. I got out a little later than planned because we had our Annual Meeting at Church and it ran way over. Did squeeze in 8 holes actually 9 if you count my one cross country hole back to 3. It was really cold windy and brutal but I was dressed warm and enjoyed it. Got a reality check I can not hit a persimmon driver with a S at 45" no more. I will be back to one of my more sedate Pennas with a S at 43".

All I could hit with the Cleveland was a low ugly cut that went no where on the wet fairways and the wind. The 2 iron saved my bacon. The old Penna blades hit good even though they are about 1" too short for me. That old JW wedge performed really great but I absolutely have to do something to that slick leather wrap grip. The surprise was the Ram Gene Littler putter.

I putted as well with it as I do my Scotty and it sets up to my eye good. I had all bogeys playing from the senior tees today except the 8th and 9th holes. The 8th is a par 3 up the hill and it was playing about into a cross wind. Ran the 2 iron up the front with a low cut and it worked out 2 putted for a par. Today the wind was dead in my face and it was cold as the sun was going down. Hit the 2 iron off the tee about yds or so.

Hit it again out of the fairway up the hill left myself about or so in hit a high cut 7 iron into the wind about 5 feet below the cup and made the putt. Man that felt good can not wait to try this again!! Good luck with the surgery. Damn cold in Atlanta, 45 degrees with a persistent 15 mph breeze. But it felt good. Amazing how many clubs you can re-grip in 6 weeks Had a hernia 2 years ago today And boy did I mess around with my stuff when I was off too.

Just got asked to appraise some vintage clubs for someone who dropped them at the Pro's office at Goodwood. As it was a nice day yesterday, and the par-3 short course is right next door, I thought I'd give the Pyratone shafted Niblick a whirl, on the principle that any golf is better than going back to work.

I dumped the rest of the clubs in the car, and sauntered along to the first tee with 3 balls and this Niblick. The short course is 6 holes, so I figured play 3 balls on each hole and that is 18 holes. They aren't very long, yards or so, just practice holes really with a mown area for each green and larger than normal holes, but with my ladies Niblick, and no putter, I figured the challenge was fair.

Quite liked this "minimalist" approach to golf I think I'll put a 7 club set together for next weekend and take on the long course :. I have one of those pyratone niblicks, a JC Higgins model. I think it came from Sears, very heavy with a dot punch face. The course you describe is called, Pitch and Putt, over here. Niblick and putter works nicely.

Some years ago, I made par 27 for nine holes on a nearby course, if you can call it a course. Same as you describe. It was sunny and 71 degrees when I teed off with a light breeze -- way too beautiful to be inside, especially for January. I threw all my ballast overboard err, into the trunk, actually before starting, leaving myself with only 3 balls and some tees in a carry bag.

I promptly hit my first shot out of bounds and onto the range -- oops! I did manage to find it though. I lost one ball on the day but found two others while searching for it. I couldn't believe how light my bag was with just 8 clubs and 3 balls. Really great. Shot 84 in about 90 minutes time. Twice I had a perfect 8 iron yardage but had to ease up on a 7. Both times I decelerated and hit it fat. But that's operator error, I proved it the second time by throwing another ball down, choking up, and hitting it the right distance.

Playing with a short bag does make you think and adjust, which is fun. So is trying to manufacture every shot around the green with a 52 degree dual wedge. But that turned out to be the best club in my bag. I had two sand saves with it, and several up-and-down pars. I did have an adventure on hole 1A, though. After skulling a 9 iron over the green and down a steep embankment, I tried to flop a shot up from 15 yards away to the back pin position.

It got about halfway up the bank before rolling back to me. Tried it again and this time hit it perfectly, as I saw it hit the top of the flagstick! I'm thinking, "Man that might be tight," so I turned and grabbed my bag. But as I straightened up to climb the hill I noticed out of the corner of my eye this little white orb rolling past me to my right -- NUTS! This time, from about 20 yards, I flopped it up again and managed to one putt for double.

So now I'm fairly proficient with the 52 degree flop shot. All-in-all, some great fun. And according to my fitbit my wife bought that AND a gym membership recently -- hint, hint! I logged 4 miles of exercise, too.

Ok 7 club changes for this week. I sorta hit the jackpot on the pile this week. Ended up finding an old Bertha driver with a regular shaft so I am going to give it a whirl since I have never hit one no joke. Also found a couple of Vokey wedges series which I love. The Penna Irons and Hogan 2 iron are going to stay. I did add 1 inch to the irons and regripped. Believe this or not I put some Ping grips on the irons and driver and they have a special story in themselves. A friend of mine bought some kind of new Ping shovels and did not like the grips.

He purchased some Tour Wraps and wanted those put on. I actually used the compressor and blew the stock Ping grips off. He told me to keep them and use them on some of the antique stuff. I think he played one round with those new clubs and then went into the hospital with cancer and died 2 weeks later. So the Pennas and the Bertha needed grips and I spied those on the shelf and thought why not. He was a member of my club for 20 years. So as a tribute to a fine guy I put those grips on the knock around set.

Hey his grips get to go around the course. Like I said I have so much stuff I can switch around and that is adding to my fun. Here is this weeks line up. Well did a driver change before I got started. I was messing around this morning and found a J's Professional weapon driver at the Salvation Army for.

Found several price tags on it where it had been in several shops I do not think it had ever been hit. The shaft was a little stiff for me in the cold weather but I did jump on it a couple of times and I hit it about as far as I do my modern I will put the Cally in play tomorrow though. Pretty good 9 holes considering the wind and cold. After the 4th hole I went back to hitting the 2 iron off the tee but did hit the driver off the deck on the 4th hole which is a tough hole and nutted it.

Made a bogey but it was acceptable to me with the wind and unlucky tee shot. I tagged a tree about yards out with a hook and it came back in the fairway about yards. I am having fun anyhow hit the darn driver off the deck. I keep two bags handy most of the time, a big sun mountain with everything but the kitchen sink, 14 clubs, med kit, rain gear, bottle opener, cowbell, you know, all the things you need to be on course all day ;. And what I call my truck clubs. My truck clubs are always in the car with me in case I get the urge to play a quick 9, and is comprised entirely of clubs I won't be heartbroken if they're stolen.

They all come from thrift shops, and I think I have 30 bucks invested. They are:. All contained in a Jones equipment single strap stand bag that's about as skinny as a large soda. A pleasure to carry. So that's 8, I guess, but I could probably take the 4 out, or the six.

I love all the different shots not having the full set forces me to play. Bought the iron set with a bent 8 iron and no 5 iron, but they hit like a dream, and the truck clubs have made me a lot of coin With their generally shoddy appearance. I've thought about going totally mismatched in brand and having the lofts and swingweights dialed in, but haven't gotten around to it. Never bet with a man whose clubs don't match but his grips do. Ok while I am here I will post this weeks 7 club set up You are a newbie so I will tell you my 7 or 8 club walking set up changes every week.

I have so much vintage stuff it will change that way I get to play all my own stuff. The Penna irons I have been hitting are out my buddy Bo-Bear was with me when I got those and he always liked them. It is rough as a cob but I may play it this weekend for kicks and giggles.

Wedge Vokey series 54 bent to This one is well worn and I carry one just like it in the money bag- They both hit the same. Putter-- Cleveland Designed By-- I have had this thing 20 years I know of and have not used it lately. You mentioned raggety bag I have 2 such. One is a real old Sun Mountain that collapses.

The one I have been using is an GolfSmith brand Tour Track like a Ping Moonlite that I got in a bulk trade deal a couple of years ago brand new still in the plastic. I have been using it. With me being a big guy the strap that came on it did not do exactly right so I modified it. I used a well padded strap from one of my old Titleist Staff bags.

Looks funny though a red and white bag with a well worn but padded Titleist black and white strap. I also have an old wire style ball retriever in it. Not for most of my shots but I find plenty of balls walking. I usually start out with 5 balls some tees and two gloves. By the end of 9 holes I usually find 5 or 6 balls. I started out doing this about a month ago to lose weight for an up coming surgery in 6 months or so. I have became to relish it every week love the walk and messing with different clubs in my vast collection.

It has added a new deminision to a game I already love.

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To his credit Li fought back on Sunday to record one of the best rounds of the day with a 67 — despite another double bogey — and takes some good momentum into this week. First bet must be on Sports. Payment restrictions apply. SMS validation may be required.

As well Connor Syme and Sami Valimaki, both of whom we were on, Sebastian Soderberg was also carrying the hopes and money of many of you judging by Social Media, however in the end none of them could convert as the European Tour Sunday ritual of the lead passing round like a hot potato was in full effect. In addition, that breakthrough win at the Dunhill Links is a title shared with the only Belfry winner in the field here this week, Lee Westwood. New customer only. Money back as bonus if first bet loses.

Wagering requirements: sportsbook 3x at min. Unless forfeited the sportsbook bonus must be wagered before using the casino bonus. Bonus expires 7 days after opt-in. No deposit required for NI customers. Call to claim. Now the 58 that the Englishman recorded shortly after lockdown started to ease and golf courses opened in the UK carries a few caveats of course when comparing it to the feats of the new world number 1 and Sheffler.

Sam Horsfield has already proven twice that you should ignore these minor details at your peril. Craig lost strokes on the greens last week, however a more placid forecast and greens that have historically favoured those with a little less prowess with the putter could well work to his advantage, and another strong finish could see each-way backers rewarded once again.

UK Championship Tips. Follow us on twitter golfbetting. Join over 5, punters on our facebook group. Watch our latest tips videos on YouTube. Skill stats are a little patchy historically for The Belfry, however what we have available gives us a little more insight into the type of player suited to this test: , Gonzalo Fdez Castano All four majors are stroke play events, which is a scoring system where you count the number of strokes taken on each hole.

If both players end the hole having taken the same amount of shots, the hole is halved. Ryder Cup betting is huge, and the event attracts many new bettors via enticing promotions and free bet offers from all UK bookmakers in the run-up to the three-day event, so make sure you keep an eye out for the best promotions to take advantage of.

Bookmakers price up their markets based on trader knowledge or simply by using trading software to allow algorithms to position them alongside others in the market, usually at very similar prices with small margins involved.

Of course, we want everyone to bet responsibly, but by having a few accounts you can make sure you are getting the best value possible. Knowledge is power after all. The best golf betting sites will offer the best odds , the best each-way place terms as well as offering fantastic promotions during big tournaments. Each punter is going to bring their own set of expectations and needs to the table, so there isn't a one-size-fits-all bookmaker out there.

However, we've narrowed it down to the top 7 golf betting sites to make the choice a little easier for you. During huge events, there are plenty. However, outside of a major or the Ryder Cup they tend to be few and far between , although not completely scarce. There are some bookmakers that offer some cracking visuals, so you can keep tabs on a live leaderboard if nothing else. A regular punter and lover of all things sports and sports betting, Jeff is our go-to guy for betting tips.

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