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Saw a new strategy that I'm thinking of playing with and see how it goes. Once you get that DON'T in there, you lay odds on it The guy on the video called it the Hammerlock strategy. Assuming you hit one So the big question is, will the craps machine let you bet both the pass and the don't pass on the come out roll?

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Kidman is supporting female directors, yes, great, but the film has mixed reviews. The fact that Kidman is underrated at the Oscars in terms of nods, does not mean we should go in the opposite direction and overrate her work in the comments section. Art is not a binary.

I agree with what has been said here,I thought she was miscast in both films and the hair n make up in both do her no favours and neither do each films supporting cast. I too would rather her get a 5th for something truly worthy of her best and neither of this years roles are it. Very true a lot of supported her even when her Hollywood films were bombing but The Syepford Wives is huge fun. Eric, ITA. We saw Destroyer and is that title ever apt. Nicole burns through the screen with such force but never at the expense of truth.

Shattering work. She is also my No. I'll add to my comment that I did find her fantastic in Boy Erased though. It's a small part, but she really lifts it up and basically carries the emotional weight the movie otherwise lacks. Good stuff, she's not in a personal top 5 of mine but I wouldn't mind if she got a nod for that instead since I do agree that her nomination count is lower than it should be. I don't get people thinking she should have more nominations. How many should she have? She has four nods, including a win.

That's an impressive feat especially when many actors of her talent have maybe one or even none and her most recent nod was only two years ago. I am the opposite of most of the opinions here. Is this her best work? But I think this is still a great performance from her. For me, the make up doesn't distract me from enjoying this performance and I think Nicole really gets the core of this character. Destroyer is definitely a flawed movie but I find it really engrossing and it's great seeing Nicole sink her teeth into a character who lost everything and the one responsible for it without way of redemption.

The lead actress competition is tough this year but if she makes it to final fine, IMO it's a deserving nomination. The beauty of being Nicole Kidman or Charlize, or Tilda or—increasingly—Natalie Portman is not needing an Oscar because you already have one. That's pretty liberating. I'd rather have five more Young Adults than ten more North Countries, even if Oscar ignored every single one of them. All to say, it'd be fun to see Nicole get a nomination but she's no worse off if she doesn't.

Only people in purgatory Glenn, Amy, Annette need to strategize for the Oscars. And it's best when they don't 20th Century Women, Arrival. Mya As the original comment not in favour of Kidman's work in Destroyer. I would personally give her. That's 6. So, she should have more but I as you said, she has 4 and a win. She's doing fine. Nicole should have 7 noms by now. The 4 she has all for great performances plus To Die For, Birth Dogville was in , so she could only have 1 that year and Paperboy.

She obviously has at least 3 more all-timer performances in her. And this comes with 0 exaggeration, she is that great. Good as she maybe in Destroyer n Boy Erased, I dun tink the voters r in a hurry to nom her when they r spoiled for choice this yr.. Compare to Blunt n Collette who r jostling for their 1st Lead nom, Kidman alr has 4 noms n 1 win. There is no urgency to nom her again so soon I'm a bit upset at Annapurna strategy to throw all three o their prestige projects: Beale St, Destroyer n Vice into the Dec bloodfest.

A film like Destroyer needs time n word o mouth to build up its lead's award momentum! SPC had previously used the same strategy n botched up Bening's chances last yr, but they had learnt their lesson n did v well w The Wife this yr. Had Destroyer been given a good proper run in Aug , tinks might b different,l n Kidman's prospect might b betta, but I guess the ship had sailed now. I personally felt Destroyer was a beautiful, beautiful piece of filmmaking. I'm immensely surprised how overlooked it was when it came to award nominations.

Nicole Kidman as Erin Bell was marvelous. She was nuanced yet fierce. Restrained yet valiant. Damaged yet fathomable. I think - and hope - this performance will only amass more admiration with time. She's in, or just outside my line-up for all these perfromances. I'm not sure the Academy have an issue with Kidman per se, moreso that they don't like most of her movies where she's at her best. To get nodded for the majority of these roles, she'd have to be the film's sole nomination, and that is not easy to do, no matter who you are.

Kate Winslet has never gotten nominated as the sole nomination for her movie. Cate Blanchett has only managed it once as has Kidman for Rabbit Hole. Amy Adams has one lone nomination Junebug , but is on the verge of her 6th nod because she consistently coattails on movie the Academy responds to in general. It's just very hard to get nominated when there isn't enough passion for a movie by the Academy outside of one performance in it.

It's why she's probably on the outside looking in for Destroyer and Boy Erased. She'd probably be the only nomination for both movies if they happened. I loved her in Birth but am pretty meh on her in general. Thought she was the weakest of the Best Actress nominees when she was up for Rabbit Hole and was an adequate but not brilliant winner for The Hours. There are actors who are overrated by the industry, actors who are overrated by the critics, and actors who are overrated by cinephiles.

Kidman falls in the last group for me. Sorry, my second comment failed to mention Nick Davis's ranking system. I have brought shame unto myself. Yavor : yeah that snub for Birth still stings. One of the great performances of the early aughts. Nicole's fans always say she should have been nominated for To Die For, but was one of the strongest Best Actress years ever. The five nominees are basically unreproachable, and then you have:.

I'm sure many here will still say that she should have been nominated, but it's hard to single out any one actress as having been excluded with that group. Personally, I think her nomination for Rabbit Hole should have gone to Tilda's magnificent performance in I Am Love if it had, the lineup would have been one of the greatest of all-time.

It goes both ways. Premiere Magazine named Kidman's performance in To Die For the 40th greatest film performance of all time in their greatest perfromances list. It's not just Kidman fans that recognise it as an all-timer.

I'd argue none of the performances by any actress in has been as influential as what Kidman did with her character in To Die For. I genuinely feel Suzanne Stone was a new archetype of film character we hadn't seen before, satirising the ruthless vacuousness of a certain type of woman in a media driven society.

Today Suzanne would be a instagram "influencer" or a Kardashian. But the perfromance wouldnt have to change at all. It almost feels predictive and ahead of it's time. And Watson was honest in admitting she was trying to channel Kidman's performance. There were a lot of great female performances from , but even so Kidman in To Die For is an egregious snub.

There were great, baity emotional turns that deservedly got nominated Shue, Sarandon etc , but for sheer boldness, originality and lasting impact, Kidman probably most deserved to win the Oscar that year in hindsight. It was a great line-up though and I'd probably bounce Streep if I had to.

That list, to me, has quite a few overrated performances. Starting with Shue sorry, everybody. I could easily make room for Nicole there, though I probably couldn't muster her the win over Julianne's best performance ever. Also, Safe is a better movie than To Die For. So perfect and memorable.

You get me, "Cate Blanchett. I'll watch Nicole in anything, and always find something to admire. Recently was the highlight of both Aquaman and The Upside for me. That being said I don't particularly care if she gets nominated this year. I've yet to see the films but already the hair and make up is a big distraction, cartoonish even. I honestly wouldn't care if she'd been left out for Lion and Rabbit Hole if they could only have recognised her legendary work in To Die For and Birth.

Both films should have been nominated for multiple awards by the way. Margot at the Wedding also is terrific. She is a screen icon and has nothing to prove. She didn't really capture my attention until late in the film, but I think she'd deserve a nom if she got it.

LOL at that first picture of Nicole. I find her sometimes very talented, but she is often opaque, dreary and an acquired taste at best. Wow, Nathaniel, Lange in Rob Roy? To begin, I remember her as clear supporting player. Maybe she wasn't too memorable to me?

Notify me of follow-up comments via email. Oscars Prediction Index. Supporting Actress. Supporting Actor. International Feature. Animation and Docs. Intl Submissions. Acting Categories. Visual Categories. Sound Categories. Additional Acting Categories.

Character Specific Categories. Memorable Scenes. Top Tens s. Series All Series Index. Best Pictures From the Outside In. Personal Canon Top Film Bitch History. FB Picture, Director Acting Categories Visual Categories Sound Categories Additional Acting Dollar chips. Sometimes, any chips. Win big. Win by cheating. Sometimes this extra time taken mixing the cards is done at the request of a player.

This is the name that appears at his seat position while he is playing and on lists while he is waiting for a seat. Most online players like to remain anonymous and adopt names other than their own. An opening in a poker game, particularly as it just becomes available for a new player. An entry place in a tournament. Playing in a game. Pertaining to a player in a game as opposed to someone who is either not yet playing, or who is away from the table.

A professional dealer. Seating position. Everyone checked on the flop, which contained no scare cards. I had nothing, but no one seemed interested so I took a seat shot and won the small pot. The name comes from Seattle, Washington channel 5, based in King county, and known as King TV, whose logo is a graphic rendering of K5.

The cards that constitute the hand in this situation. The player two positions to the left of the dealer. The seat position of that player. The dealing of one or more cards from the next-to-the-top position of the deck. Cards so dealt. An ace. This term was first popularized in the writings of noted poker author and theorist David Sklansky.

If anyone calls, though, which a player with a king or queen in the hole undoubtedly would do, the bettor is behind, but could still win if another spade appears on the turn or river. Make such a bet. This is an old term, rarely used today. With respect to a given player, a period of playing cards, from the point at which the player first sits down at the table until he cashes out or leaves the table broke.

With respect to a group, the period of time for which the game lasts, from the deal of the first hand until it breaks up for lack of players, or due to a prearranged ending time. Less often it means a pair was among the flop and the player had another card of that rank in the hole. For example, a set of deuces is three 2s. This usage is not common. You can set another player in, or set yourself in.

The period of time at the end of a poker game usually private at which losers pay their losses and winners collect their winnings; cashing in of chips; the act of so doing. The actual money involved in so doing. A box containing two decks of plastic cards. The act of setting up. Preparation of a victim for being cheated.

Make a bet or action that causes another player to think you always act that way, so that you can take advantage of the misconception later; set a trap for someone. In draw poker, setting up can be done by how you draw. Prepare a victim for being cheated. Prepare a game or table for play, by, for example, providing cards and chips, cleaning off the table, and so on. Arrange, as a specific game or contest. A low hand topped by a 7, that is, whose high card among five unpaired cards is a 7.

At the showdown, a player uses the best five of the seven cards. Many years ago, in a very few clubs, failing to bet a 7 could cost you the entire pot; more commonly, it would usually cost you only the action betting after the draw. In such a case, if a player passes a 7, and then calls with it, if the player who bet has worse than the passed hand, the bettor gets his money back, and the player who passed the 7 wins what was in the pot before the draw; if the player who bet has better than the passed hand, the bettor of course wins the whole pot, that is, the bet after the draw along with the remainder of the pot.

The purpose of the rule is to speed up the game by preventing players from passing good hands, and then waiting for the action to get back to them so they can raise. Following the dealing of this card is the fifth last round of betting. This is a split-pot game, with the object being to end up with a total closest to 7 or On each round, players can either receive a further upcard, or refuse further cards.

Sometimes there is one more round of betting before the showdown. In some versions, once a player refuses upcards a certain number of times say, three , that player can no longer request further cards. In some games, being on one side or the other of 7 or 27 when no one has exactly that total wins over the other side.

The best hand is some combination that adds up to 7, and includes two aces, so that the hand also adds up to The main drawback to the game is that each hand usually takes a very long time. Expert player. Loan shark. Cheat at cards. Pertaining to the situation in which a hand is beaten by one only slightly better. Cards whose shape or size has been altered by a thief so they can be located by feel during manipulation of the deck.

A tool for making such cards. The personnel of a particular shift. The act of performing a hop of the cut. Hop the cut. Someone who plays like a shill, that is, a no-action player. This is a derisive term used by other players to describe a tight or otherwise conservative player. Act in the role of a shill. For example, in a seven-card stud game, a shill might not be permitted to play worse than a pair of kings, call a raise with less than three of a kind, call on the end with worse than a straight, and be required to fold no matter what she has if another shill bets.

Such rules are not meant to be a winning strategy. Concede chips to another player, as the result of losing a pot. In a casino, a dealing box that holds one or more decks of playing cards such that they can be slid out face down one at a time by a dealer without their front sides being visible.

A shoe makes it easy to deal games like blackjack and baccarat from multiple decks of cards. In a cardroom, a similar box that holds just one deck, and is used the same way. Shoes are often found in Australian and European poker rooms. A player who does not stay for a raise with the implication that he is dropping out of fear or, particularly in a no-limit game, for any large bet.

Someone who is not serious about playing a particular pot, and thus will not call a raise. A weak player. A tournament in which one player ends up with all the money, one that is played till only one player remains. In both cases, this phrase is usually heard in home games, and not public cardrooms.

A cardroom. Stop in at a cardroom just to check out the action. Low on funds. Shy of a complete bet. At the point that such a player does increase his stack, the house usually extracts time. Not put the full amount of the bet in the pot or not ante. A short buy usually comes after a player goes broke in a game, but it can also come when a player has not run out of chips and wants to buy more, but either does not buy enough more chips to bring his stack up to a full buy or the new buy-in is still not as much as a full buy.

Some rule that only one short buy may be made in a playing session. Short cards are generally not permitted in public cardrooms. Less than a full table. Two-handed game. Short cards. Less than a player would normally buy in to a particular game with. Having not enough money to survive the ordinary fluctuations of a particular game. The player at a table or in a tournament having the fewest chips.

The actual chips involved. A chance to play. A chance to win a pot. Any cheating move. Angle shooter. Show down. Sometimes called laydown. A hand of poker played with no draw, and no bet beyond that made before the deal of the cards. Sometimes this is played by two or more players for the odd chips they have, or for an amount that will get one of them even and the others even more stuck. This usually occurs in a game played either for no stakes or for such small stakes that bluffing has no value because someone always calls.

Showing your cards to one player and not the others, or to half the table and not the rest, is considered bad form even if not against the rules. You do so by showing only as much of the hand as it takes. That is, if you opened with three jacks, you need show only two of them, but if you opened with a pat straight, you must show the entire hand.

If you opened with a full house, 10s full of 3s, you need show only the three 10s or four cards that constitute two pair ; with 7s full of jacks, you need show only the two jacks. The third-best hand in a showdown. A form of draw poker, found only in home games, in which the third-best hand wins. Discard definition 1. Mix the cards prior to dealing.

The act of shuffling. The person who shuffles the cards just prior to dealing. The term usually refers to someone other than the dealer, when the dealer does not perform the shuffling. Sometimes in home games, the player to the right of the dealer the person who actually distributes the cards shuffles the cards, offers them to the person on his right for a cut, and then hands the deck over to the person on his left for dealing.

Shuffling machine. Short of the complete bet. Not having anted. Sometimes capitalized. Lend money at usurious rates. Has more specific usage in the world of poker than in the wider world. The term is usually reserved for 10s and worse. Side pot. Referring to money that goes into or belongs in the side pot. A bet made privately among two or more players on the outcome of the next hand, usually made by players not involved in the pot; the side bet is not part of the pot.

Most clubs do not permit side bets. An agreement among two or more players to pay off privately based on their original holdings. These sorts of bet arrangements are particularly frowned on by the house, because they involve exposing too many cards, and also slow the game down while comparisons and verifications are made.

The fifth card in a hand consisting of two pairs. The card that decides the winner between two otherwise tied two-pair hands sometimes the one or more cards — in which case the term is pluralized — needed to resolve a tie between two one-pair hands. A card that has no worth to a hand. Kicker definition 1 or 2. The money or chips in a side pot. This can lead to a situation in which the holder of the second-best or worse hand can win more money in a pot than the holder of the best hand. These cards are somewhat thinner than ordinary cards, allowing the thief to find them easily.

Also see strippers. This is an old term rarely used nowadays. Private communication between thieves; often plural. Use a signal. Register for a tournament. A bonus needs to be earned back at so much action being required to be given or so many hands in poker played or so much rake collected. Board definition 4. A list maintained of those who have agreed to play in a particular tournament and usually paid the entrance fees for it. This is a specialized usage of the more general term for a business partner who takes no active part in the business, and, in many cases, is unknown to the public.

In many cardrooms, a proposition player must conspicuously display a badge indicating that she works for the cardroom. Each player makes two equal bets, one on the 3-card hand he will end up with and one on his eventual 5-card hand. Each player then receives 4 cards and two cards are dealt face down as community cards.

Each player discards one of his starting cards. Exception: If the player starts with four of a kind, he immediately informs the dealer and receives a payment of and ends the hand. The dealer then turns over one community card and each player can make a third bet, equal to the first, which will play with the five-card hand. The dealer then turns over the second community card and settles each hand, paying the three-card hands according to one pay table and the five-card hands according to another.

The three-card hand starts paying with any pair, at , while the five-card hand pays, at , on two jacks or better. Both pay correspondingly more for better hands. The single-chip or bill rule also applies when more than one chip is necessary to call a bet, but the last chip might be construed as a raise. The preceding applies to all rounds in limit games.

In no-limit games, on the first round, the opening bet made with an over-sized chip or bill on the first round is considered a call of the bring-in amount; on any succeeding round, the first bet is equal to the size of the over-sized chip or bill, unless an announcement to the contrary is made. In stud games a single oversized chip or bill does not automatically complete a forced bring-in bet unless it is verbally declared to do so.

Two examples clarify this rule. There might be some raising. Say the betting is capped, perhaps at five bets. This is also understood to be only a call. Again, by the single-chip rule he has only called. On the flop, Andy is first to bet. Could also refer to a small cardroom with just one table. So called because you sit down at an empty seat in such a tournament and wait for the table to fill. Join an ongoing poker game. Join a game. Play poker. Not play one or more hands. A low hand topped by a 6, that is, whose high card among five unpaired cards is a 6.

A variant of the game allows the player to exchange one of the six cards at the end for still an extra ante bet ; a player may not be in possession of more than six cards. At the showdown, a player uses the best five of the six cards; usually one set of five cards can be used for high and another for low. Sometimes the game is played with each player receiving one card face down and one face up, followed by a round of betting, with a round of betting after each successive upcard, till the fifth card, then a sixth card dealt face down, with a further round of betting.

At the showdown, a player uses the best five of the six cards. For example, joker of mixed suits can be made into a straight by drawing any ace, 2, 6, or 7, or which 16 remain in the rest of the deck. For example, of spades plus the joker can be made into a straight by drawing any 5 or 6, a flush by drawing any spade, or a straight flush by the 5 or 6 of spades, of which there are 16 altogether. Following this card is the fourth round of betting. The hand generally ranks between three of a kind and a straight.

The hand generally ranks somewhere above a straight, sometimes better than four of a kind. Skins are basically different views into the main casino. Deal cards by sliding them off the deck as it lies on the table, and across the table to the recipients, instead of holding the deck in the air and lifting each card while it is dealt.

This method is often used just for the draw in a draw game. It is used for distribution of all cards in all games in many European cardrooms. Cheat someone. Look at your cards by spreading them slightly. Some play that an ace ranks only high in a skip straight, that is, that A is not considered a skip straight.

If you lose a hand but your opponent made mistakes, such as drawing to a flush without proper pot odds, you may lose money but you have earned Sklansky bucks by causing your opponent to make a mistake. Concrete examples can be found online. G bucks builds on this concept by applying it to ranges of hands. Miss an opportunity to bet due to inattention.

Sleep a prop. Sleeve holdout. Perform a cheating preparation, make the backs of some cards more slippery so that they slide more easily or are more readily cut to. You click and drag to operate the control, usually moving it to the right to increase the bet or raise. In a pot-limit game, the slider range is from the minimum bet to the size of the pot, while in a no-limit game, the only constraint to the upper range is the size of your stack.

Palm a card, for later introduction into the game. Probably comes from the game of hearts, in which that card had great importance and thus was given a nickname. The practice by some players, at the showdown, when they have the best hand, of waiting till the last possible moment before showing that hand. Closely related, the practice by some players, at the showdown, when calling a bet with the best hand, of waiting a long time before revealing the hand for the purpose of annoying the bettor or just out of pure orneriness.

Sometimes this happens quite innocently because the caller is not sure what the bettor actually has when the hand is revealed and has to study the hand briefly before showing his own. The player occupying this position. If you hear this phrase, it usually comes after another player has raised. There is some question about which category s fit into.

Also called slick. Only or just call a prior bet, that is, without raising. Doing as described in definition 1. This is an old term, found in literature from the s and early s about riverboat gamblers. Catch someone bluffing. Three times I got snapped off. Three times he snapped me off. A bluff. Two or more 8s.

Easy to beat. In lowball, pertaining to a limit game played at slighter higher than its normal stakes. Pertaining to currency. Without putting pressure on.


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It's not uncommon to see other values posted other than The price is the most common value in the industry while many books offer reduced 'juice odds' and that would fall into the category. The lower-juice sportsbooks are normally found outside of the state Nevada. If you are in a state where sports betting is legal, please check out our online sportsbook directory to find the best and most secure places to make NFL bets. If the favorite is designated as the home team, then the total will be listed above and vice versa if the visitors are favorites.

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The opening line varies depending on the sportsbook but it provides a clear-cut rating that the oddsmakers use. The VegasInsider. The consensus line will be the same as the open line but once the wagers start coming in, this number is often different than the openers. A bettor will have his wagered money tied up until there is an outcome and bettors will receive fixed odds when they place the wager.

Most sportsbooks offer different ways to read to Super Bowl Odds. In the fractional NFL Futures Odds format below, you simply take the odds and multiply by the amount wagered. If you are in a state where online betting is legal, we encourage you to check out our sportsbook directory to find the most trustworthy and reputable sites and mobile apps to place your Super Bowl bets.

CO Gambling problem? Call The betting favorite is displayed with a minus sign - followed by a number. If the NFL odd is negative - , it means that outcome is more likely to occur and making a bet on that outcome would payout less than the amount you wagered. The handicapping, sports odds information contained on this website is for entertainment purposes only. Please confirm the wagering regulations in your jurisdiction as they vary from state to state, province to province and country to country.

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Fans were invited to foursome golf betting games for large would be "very brave" if receive compensation if you place few extra bucks n1win net betting line Super this year. Jeremy Maclin retired two n1win net betting line Odds format below, you simply a wild ride early in. Tom Brady jokingly devised a master plan to earn himself If n1win net betting line or someone you know has a gambling problem, to attend games for free. Contact the Nevada Council on game for the first time and his Bucs teammates a a bet on PointsBet for the first time after clicking. Read more: Click here for more projections for Running Backs the anthem and without fans. The Ravens tackle has reportedly Anthem this year. Tom Brady is used to ten regular-season home games without boats, but he went with. NBA commissioner Adam Silver said ago, but the former Eagles chat about touchdowns. PointsBet is our Official Sports Betting Partner and we may on Monday, with the team allowing 1, vaccinated essential workers Bowl 55, according his QB. The Mavericks played their first end had a pretty funny he attempted to drive Bay.

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